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Keller Rohrback Files Suit Against Rodan + Fields Over Its Enhancements Lash Boost eye serum


On April 13, 2018, Keller Rohrback L.L.P., a leading consumer rights law firm, filed a lawsuit against Rodan + Fields, L.L.C.  on behalf of consumers from California and New York for deceptive labeling and unlawful marketing of its Enhancements Lash Boost eye serum. The lawsuit alleges that Rodan + Fields, which was founded by two doctors, failed to disclose the harmful side effects of an ingredient in Lash Boost, isopropyl cloprostenate.

The complaint further alleges that Rodan + Fields markets Lash Boost as a cosmetic and does not disclose that it contains a synthetic prostaglandin analog. Prostaglandin analogs can cause side effects such as increased pigmentation of the iris, darkening of the skin around the eyes, inflamed eyelids, eye pain or lid crusting, increased eye irritation including burning and stinging of the eyes, droopy eyelids and blurred vision. Prostaglandin analogs are used for the medical management of glaucoma.

Rodan + Fields’ failure to list the potential side effects in marketing materials and labels stripped consumers of the right to know the harmful risks associated with the use of Lash Boost.

“This lawsuit seeks to hold Rodan + Fields accountable for failing to give consumers information about the potential harmful side effects of Lash Boost, so that consumers can decide whether using Lash Boost is worth the risk,” said Erika Keech, an attorney at Keller Rohrback.

Read the Complaint HERE.


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