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Did Wells Fargo put your mortgage into forbearance without your consent because of COVID-19? Keller Rohrback is investigating.

Wells Fargo allegedly put mortgage loans into forbearance and suspended payments on federally-backed loans without borrowers’ consent. This prevented many borrowers from being able to make payments on their federally backed mortgage loans. If this happened to you, please contact us at, (800) 776-6044, or by using the secure form on this page. 

Is Wells Fargo putting your financial future on hold?
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The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (or “CARES Act”) allowed borrowers experiencing financial instability due to COVID-19 to request that their mortgages be put into forbearance, pausing payments without penalty. While these provisions can allow significant relief for those who need it, for borrowers who do wish to continue making payments on their mortgage as normal, having mortgages in forbearance against their wishes can be damaging to their financial health and future.

For example, with a mortgage in forbearance, borrowers cannot refinance, as most banks will not underwrite new loans for borrowers whose mortgage payments are suspended. And, with forbearance and non-payments noted on their credit reports, borrowers cannot take advantage of the low interest rates that have arisen from the pandemic. Wells Fargo could directly benefit from having its borrowers in forbearance, as those borrowers are not able to take their business elsewhere.

If Wells Fargo put your mortgage into forbearance without you requesting it, Keller Rohrback wants to hear from you. Please contact us at, (800) 776-6044, or by using the secure form on this page to learn more about your legal rights. 

On August 26, 2020, Keller Rohrback filed a proposed class action complaint against Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. on behalf of Pamela Delpapa in the Northern District of California. The complaint alleges that Wells Fargo put Ms. Delpapa and other borrowers into forbearance without their consent. The complaint brings common law and statutory claims and seeks all available damages, fees, and costs.

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