Keller Rohrback & Co-Counsel Sue Audi & Volkswagen over Cheating in A6, A8, Q5 Gas-Powered Vehicles

“After VW and Audi have spent the past year reassuring consumers that their companies can be trusted again, consumers can’t believe that VW and Audi are back in the news for even more emissions cheating scandals.  When will VW and Audi finally come clean?”

Gretchen Freeman Cappio

National class action firm Keller Rohrback L.L.P. and co-counsel have filed a class action suit in response to claims of emissions cheating in gasoline-powered, automatic transmission, 2009-2016 Audi A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, or SQ5 and other cars.

The suit, which can be reviewed here, concerns the installation of illegal “Defeat Devices” in hundreds of thousands of Audi-branded vehicles sold in the United States. The “Defeat Device” circumvents carbon dioxide emissions limits by keeping engine speed—and thus carbon dioxide emissions—artificially low in conditions that only occur when the vehicles are undergoing emissions testing. Attorney Gretchen Freeman Cappio, part of the leadership team representing consumers in the VW Diesel Emission case, states that “For many Audi customers, this latest defeat device scandal is déjà vu all over again.  They are fed up with emissions lies, and ready for Audi to tell the truth.”

Audi and VW have confirmed that government agencies are investigating whether Audi engineered some of its automatic transmissions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during lab tests, but to allow higher emissions during normal road use.  Recently, Audi has admitted “that during routine testing ‘dynamic shift programs can lead to incorrect readings and results that cannot be reproduced.’”

Keller Rohrback continues to be a leading voice against continuing emissions malfeasance and cheating by Audi and Volkswagen Group of America. After filing one of the first lawsuits in 2015 against VW related to the diesel defeat device vehicles and taking a leading role in the MDL litigation that resulted in a 14 billion dollar settlement with VW and Audi for the 2.0 liter diesel vehicles, Keller Rohrback stands ready to represent consumers against Audi once again.

If you or a family member owns or leases any of the affected vehicles described above, or if you are concerned that your vehicle may be affected and have questions, please call attorneys Gretchen Freeman Cappio or Ryan McDevitt at 866.560.4043 or via email at to discuss our investigation and your potential claims against Audi.

Case Documents

Complaint – 11/17/2016

List of Affected Vehicles

Affected Audi Vehicles
  • Certain A6, A7, A8, Q5, and Q7 with eight-speed Automatic or “Triptronic” transmissions

Keller Rohrback Announces Audi Settlement

Keller Rohrback is pleased to announce a settlement that resolves the claims of more than 100,000 consumers who purchased or leased certain gasoline Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Bentley vehicles that were initially labeled and marketed with overstated fuel economy (and understated carbon dioxide emissions).

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