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Volkswagen News From Around the Web

Find links to stories from around the web, handpicked by your Keller Rohrback Volkswagen team.

10/23/17- Volkswagen cleared to fix 3.0-liter diesel SUVS

EPA and CARB approve emissions fixes for Audi, Porsche, and VW Diesel 3.0 liter sport utility vehicles

1/13/16– VW expands Goodwill Package to 3.0-liter Touareg TDI owners

1/13/16EPA statement agreeing with CARB that Volkswagen has not Submitted an Approvable Recall

1/12/16– California board rejects Volkswagen’s diesel fix plan, EPA Agrees

1/12/16– Air Resources Board rejects VW 2-liter diesel recall plan and issues Notice of Violation

12/13/15– The Engineering of Volkswagen’s Aggressive Ambition

12/10/15– VW staff began working on cheat in 2005 to break into U.S. market

12/09/15– VW Kept Earlier Emissions Issue From Regulator

12/08/15– Hundreds of Volkswagen Suits Will Be Heard in California

12/07/15– Report: Volkswagen May Be Forced to Sell Luxury Brands

12/03/15– US Suits Against VW Vie For Common Court

11/30/15– Class action seeks damages for Audi, Porsche, VW 3.0-liter diesel owners

11/29/15– Volkswagen knew fuel usage in some cars was too high a year ago – Bild am Sonntag

11/16/15– The Challenges for Volkswagen’s Internal Investigation

11/09/15– Volkswagen offers $1,000 and free towing as gesture of goodwill

11/04/15– Volkswagen’s Emissions-Testing Scandal Widens

11/03/15–  VW Reveals It Misstated Emissions of Gas Cars

11/02/15– VW, Porsche, Audi 3.0-liter diesels also have ‘defeat devices,’ EPA says

11/01/15– Volkswagen Failed to Report Fatal Incident to Regulator

10/27/15– VW CEO Faces Investors as First Loss in More Than 15 Years Looms

10/26/15 2 More Bits of Bad News for Volkswagen—and VW Diesel Owners

10/25/15– Volkswagen Inquiry’s Focus to Include Managers Who Turned a Blind Eye

10/21/15– VW’s Emissions Retrofit May Be Among Costliest Recalls Ever

10/19/15– VW Built Several Devices That Evaded Emissions Tests

10/19/15– Volkswagen Sales Start To Feel The Impact Of Diesel Scandal

10/17/15– Volkswagen owners can check database to see if their car is affected

10/16/15– Volkswagen Suspends Another Top Engineer; Berlin Orders Recall

10/16/15 Washington part of multistate probe of Volkswagen

10/15/15– Volkswagen to Recall 8.5 Million Vehicles in Europe

10/14/15 “Dozens” of managers implicated in Volkswagen scandal

10/08/15 Volkswagen’s U.S. CEO Apologizes for Emissions Cheating Scandal

10/06/15 – VW to recall Europe diesels starting in January; U.S. sales to continue for now

10/05/15– Volkswagen Emissions Investigation Zeroes In on Two Engineers

10/04/15– Volkswagen Engine-Rigging Scheme Said to Have Begun in 2008

10/02/15– Volkswagen starts telling customers if affected by emissions scandal

09/30/15 – NBC News: VW Trims Work, Imposes Limited Hiring Freeze as Scandal Costs Mount 

09/29/15 – NBC News: VW’s Promised Fix for Diesels Doesn’t Apply to U.S. Vehicles: Source 

09/29/15 – CNBC: Volkswagen Cut From Top Sustainability Index 

09/29/15 – BBC: Volkswagen Staff Acted Criminally, Says Board Member 

09/29/15 – Reuters: Volkswagen to Refit Cars Affected by Emissions Scandal 

09/29/15 – LA Times: Volkswagen Dealers Paralyzed by Emissions Scandal 

09/28/15 – NY Times: How Many Deaths Did Volkswagen’s Deception Cause in the U.S.? 

09/26/15 – The Economist: The Volkswagen Scandal, A Mucky Business 

09/25/15 – Bloomberg Business: Volkswagen Said to Manage Faked Test Results From Germany

09/24/15 – NPR: How A Little Lab In West Virginia Caught Volkswagen’s Big Cheat 

09/23/15 – Vox: Volkswagen’s Appalling Clean Diesel Scandal, Explained 

09/22/15 – WIRED: VW Owners Aren’t Going to Like the Fixes For Their Diesels 

09/22/15 – NY Times: Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Worldwide Are Affected in Diesel Deception 

09/20/15 – Volkswagen Halts U.S. Sales of Certain Diesel Cars 

09/18/15 – EPA Notice of Violation

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