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Is the airbag in your GM truck or SUV putting you in danger?

General Motors trucks and SUVs were allegedly manufactured with a defect that prevents airbags and seatbelt tensioners from deploying in some crashes, which can lead to dangerous and sometimes fatal outcomes. If you own a 2009-present GM truck or SUV (800) 776-6044 or

Did Google’s display ad monopoly limit your ad revenue?

Keller Rohrback is investigating whether Google’s advertising practices allowed it to gain an illegal monopoly that has caused publishers and online newspapers to miss out on ad revenue. If you are a publisher or online newspaper and have used Google’s advertising services at any time between January 1, 2016 and now, please contact us at or (800) 776-6044.

Did Athira Pharma’s misrepresentations cause your stocks to plunge?

Athira Pharma, Inc.  allegedly omitted crucial truths about its CEO and President in the Registration Statement for its initial public offering (IPO), eventually causing investors to lose significant amounts of money. If you purchased or acquired ATHA common stock pursuant to or traceable to the IPO, please contact Keller Rohrback at or (800) 776-6044.

Did MetLife mishandle your 401(k) and harm your financial future?

Keller Rohrback and co-counsel are investigating whether MetLife, Inc. violated federal law and deprived retirement plan participants of millions of dollars in investment returns. If you are (or were) a participant in the MetLife 401(k) Plan, please contact us at (800) 776-6044 or for a no-cost consultation.


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Our 69 lawyers and 100+ support staff are widely recognized as leaders in our fields. We have dedicated our careers to combating corporate misconduct and supporting our clients.

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 “[Keller Rohrback] has performed an important public service in this action and has done so efficiently and with integrity...

[Keller Rohrback] has also worked creatively and diligently to obtain a settlement from WorldCom in the context of complex and difficult legal questions..."

In re WorldCom, Inc. ERISA Litigation (Cote, J.).



Despite substantial obstacles to recovery, Keller Rohrback was willing to undertake the significant risks presented by this case...

Class Counsel achieved real and substantial benefits for members of the Class. [Their] extensive prior experience in complex class action securities litigation...enabled the Class to analyze and achieve this excellent result.”

Getty v. Harmon (”SunAmerica Securities Litigation”) (Dwyer,J.)



“I also want to praise you for all of your legal expertise, leadership, experience, and most of all tenacity,

as this turned out to be a very complex legal battle that pitted a very determined David (us) against a huge financial Goliath (them).”



“The Exxon Qualified Settlement Fund [ ] was administered by Lynn Sarko and his law firm in Seattle. Those guys did a superb job. And it was a huge effort to notify all potential claimants, to get the claims documented, to evaluate the documentation, and then to apply the sharing concepts to the individual losses…

I can’t imagine that they could possibly have done a better job.

In re Exxon Valdez (Holland, J.)



"I think the lawyers, your lawyers in this case, have done a truly outstanding job,

as good of a job as I’ve seen lawyers do in a major complex class action in my, what will be very shortly, 26 years on the bench.”

Cason-Merenda v. Detroit Medical Center (Rosen, J.)



“As a client of Keller Rohrback L.L.P. for two class action proceedings, I highly recommend the firm.

I am a retired attorney who practiced law for 45 years before retiring in 2015. I know good lawyers and good legal work when I see it. The lawyers who worked with me and the work they did for me was excellent. Very professional.”

Bruce Keithly



“I would like to thank and congratulate Keller Rohrback for your excellent handling of this case.

All aspects of it were conducted at the highest level of professionalism. All of you who worked on it are credits to the legal profession, and I have greatly enjoyed personally making your acquaintances.”

Richard Gemperle



Keller Rohrback and the named plaintiffs they represented

vigilantly protected the interests of the class all along the way.”

Jabbari v. Wells Fargo & Company (Chhabria, V.)



Ninth Circuit denies the ERISA Industry Committee’s (“ERIC”) petition for rehearing en banc

On September 1, 2021, the Ninth Circuit denied the ERISA Industry Committee’s (“ERIC”) petition for rehearing en banc in its lawsuit challenging the City of Seattle’s innovative ordinance to improve access to health care for large hotel employees and their families.

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KR Celebrates 25 Super Lawyers & Rising Stars Honorees

Keller Rohrback is proud to announce that 24 of our attorneys were named to the 2021 Washington, Southwest, and Northern California Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists.

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