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Audi A6 Emissions

Audi at it again! Keller Rohrback Investigates More Emissions Cheating from VW Group!

National class action firm Keller Rohrback L.L.P. is investigating claims of emissions cheating in gasoline-powered, automatic transmission Audi A6, A8, and Q5 cars.

Just weeks after Judge Charles Breyer of the Northern District of California granted settlement approval for 2.0 liter vehicles in the Volkswagen “Clean Diesel” Marketing, Sales Practices, and Products Liability Litigation, reports have surfaced of additional “defeat devices” in potentially hundreds of thousands of Audi vehicles sold worldwide. Keller Rohrback has taken a leading role in the MDL litigation that resulted in a 14 billion dollar settlement with VW and Audi for the 2.0 liter vehicles.  Keller Rohrback stands ready to represent consumers again against Audi for their gasoline defeat devices.

According to reports, transmissions found in certain Audi gasoline vehicles are able to tell when they are on “rolling road” test pads used by regulators to determine CO2 emissions, and activate a fuel saver mode that produces less CO2 and uses less fuel.  This fuel saving mode is then deactivated when the cars are driven normally, meaning they normally pollute more and consume more gas.

Keller Rohrback, a leading consumer protection firm, filed one of the first lawsuits against Volkswagen related to the diesel defeat device vehicles. Since then, hundreds of concerned consumers from around the country have contacted Keller Rohrback to find out what they can do to help ensure that Volkswagen and Audi are held responsible by compensating consumers and/or fixing the polluting cars.

If you or a family member owns or leases any of the affected vehicles described above, or if you are concerned that your vehicle may be affected and have questions, please call attorneys Gretchen Freeman Cappio or Ryan McDevitt at 866.560.4043 or via email at to discuss our investigation and your potential claims against Audi.

Keller Rohrback L.L.P., with offices in Seattle, Phoenix, New York, and Santa Barbara, serves as lead and co-lead counsel in class actions throughout the country. Our Complex Litigation Group is proud to offer its expertise to clients nationwide, and our trial lawyers have obtained judgments and settlements in excess of 18 billion dollars.

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