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Court Grants Final Approval to 3.0-Liter Class Action Settlement & Bosch Class Action Settlement


May 17, 2017

On May 17, 2017, Judge Charles M. Breyer granted final approval to the 3.0-Liter Class Action Settlement with Volkswagen valued at $1.2-$4.04 billion, and also granted final approval to a $327.5 million settlement with Bosch, the supplier of the emissions software that was installed in some 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesel vehicles.

Full information on the settlements, including the settlement agreements, class notices, executive summaries and FAQs are posted on and Class members should consult the materials on the website for explanations and assistance in recovering their benefits under the settlements. The following videos briefly summarize the options available to class members with Generation One and Generation Two vehicles:

Video:  Generation One

Video:  Generation Two

Consumers can visit to enter their vehicle’s VIN to learn if they have an eligible vehicle and see their range of compensation.

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