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Keller Rohrback Investigates Soaring EpiPen Prices


epipen, Kansas, prices, investigation Massachusetts, Keller Rohrback, prices, consumer, CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, OptumRxHave you had to buy an EpiPen to save your life or the life of your child? If so, you’ve probably witnessed the alarming rise in cost of this life-saving medicine.

If you or someone you know has purchased an EpiPen since 2007, we would like to hear your story. We are working on a lawsuit against Mylan NV, the pharmaceutical company that makes EpiPens. The lawsuit is about EpiPen prices and we need your help. Please call attorney Gretchen Freeman Cappio at (800) 776-6044. You can also email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Keller Rohrback is investigating why the price of such an important medical device—made of plastic and the size of a highlighter—went from $60 to $600 in 10 years.

We’ve discovered that Mylan may be significantly overcharging patients for the allergy shot. Mylan acquired the drug in 2007. The price has increased since then from $100 to $600 for two doses, but Mylan pays only $34.50 per pen. In 2015, the EpiPen brought in over $1 billion in sales for Mylan.

Keller Rohrback is a law firm nationally recognized for class action consumer lawsuits that protect the public from corporate wrongdoing.

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