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If you paid more than $100 after insurance for an EpiPen or similar product, contact Keller Rohrback at 800-776-6044 or to discuss your concerns and potential legal claims.

Keller Rohrback Investigates Rising Costs of EpiPen

Have you had to buy an EpiPen to save your life or the life of your child? If so, you’ve probably witnessed the alarming rise in cost of this life-saving medicine.

If you or someone you know has purchased an EpiPen since 2007, we would like to hear your story. We are working on a lawsuit against the top four Pharmacy Benefit Managers (“PBMs”) that serve as gatekeepers between drug manufacturers on the one hand, and health plans and patients on the other. PBMs use their market position to negotiate rebates, fees, and other concessions from Mylan, the seller of the EpiPen, which the PBMs claim reduce the cost of pharmaceutical products to health plans and consumers. In reality, many consumers have had to pay increasing prices. To learn more about PBMs and their role in drug prices, click HERE.

If you have purchased EpiPens through your employer-provided health plan and would like to find out more about our investigation, please contact Keller Rohrback at 800-776-6044 or email

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