Are you a Facebook Messenger user who used the voice-to-text feature? Facebook may have used outside contractors to listen to your private messages and transcribe them by hand.  Please contact us at or 800-776-6044 to learn about your legal rights.

Did Facebook transcribe your personal audio messages?

Bloomberg News has reported—and Facebook has admitted—that it gave outside contractors access to users’ voice recordings. Are you concerned?

Users of Facebook Messenger are given the option to use a voice-to-text feature. This feature allows Facebook Messenger to automatically transcribe your speech into text and send it to another Messenger user. Facebook states its “systems automatically process content and communications you and others provide to analyze context and what’s in them.” Yet Facebook doesn’t mention that actual human beings are screening your personal content—a very different, and more serious, intrusion into users’ messages.

“The latest revelations confirm that Facebook has no regard for its users’ privacy,” said Cari Laufenberg, a Keller Rohrback partner. “Allowing third-party contractors to listen to users’ audio messages without users’ consent is one more breach of trust.”

If you have used the voice-to-text feature in the Facebook Messenger app and are concerned about the invasion and use of your personal messages, contact Keller Rohrback at or 800-776-6044 for a privileged consultation.

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