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Are you paying sky-high prices for Copaxone? Keller Rohrback wants to hear your story.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (“Teva”), the maker of the multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone, allegedly boosted the drug’s price tag from $17,000 to $73,000 per year—turning an already pricy medication into a completely inaccessible one for many. If you’re concerned that you’ve been paying too much for Copaxone, Keller Rohrback wants to hear from you. Please contact us at 800-776-6044 or to discuss your potential legal claims.

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While many patients look forward to the release of a generic version of their medication because the prices are often lower, that is the opposite of what occurred when a generic version of Copaxone was launched in 2015. According to a drug policy study at Oregon Health & Science University, the introduction of generic Copaxone (also known as glatiramer acetate) caused the price of Copaxone to increase immediately.

Part of the reason for this significant price increase is the fact that a year and a half before the generic Copaxone was approved, Teva introduced a new version of the drug that diminished the impact the new generic could have; by introducing a 40-milligram version of the drug, many patients could not immediately start using the generic due to the difference in dosing. This is a common tactic used by brand name pharmaceutical companies to ensure that patients and their insurance companies continue paying extremely high prices for medications they desperately need. In the case of Teva, this tactic raised the price by over four times its original cost.

If you were impacted by Teva’s actions and the sky-high cost of Copaxone, please contact our consumer protection team at, (800) 776-6044, or by using the secure form on this page.

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