Eric Matteson


3101 North Central Avenue, Suite 1400
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Eric Matteson utilizes a keen grasp of legal technology to enhance the Discovery process for a wide variety of major cases.

Eric’s expertise in the technical tools of Discovery led to a decade of leadership experience at Special Counsel in Phoenix, Arizona. In that role he managed large-scale projects involving hundreds of lawyers, and guided them through the complexities of E-Discovery case issues and client protocols, database file management, client report generation, and maintaining production schedules.

Eric joined Keller Rohrback to refine and heighten the firm’s efficiency in the Discovery realm across its case portfolio. His previous work on major medical product liability and mortgage-based security litigation prepared him well for the variety and depth of casework he has found at Keller Rohrback.

Prior to his specialization in the legal technology field, Eric maintained a solo practice in Phoenix for several years, working with clients on a wide array of civil, minor criminal, and commercial contract cases. The communication skills he developed among those clients has served him well as his casework has enlarged.

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