Our Fee Arrangements

We represent institutions and people that have suffered losses – at times devastating losses – caused by a range of misconduct, from financial fraud to price-fixing to environmental disasters. Often, a traditional hourly billing approach to attorneys’ fees is not attractive because of the client investment required to fund high-stakes, complex litigation. Therefore, we offer a variety of alternative fee arrangements that reduce the upfront cost and shift part or all of the funding burden to us. These arrangements align our interests with yours and ensure that we only recommend litigation that we believe we can win for you.

Alternative fee arrangements include contingent, blended, and fixed fee, or a combination of these approaches. We are experienced with each of these fee arrangements, in addition to traditional hourly billing. In every case, we will meet with you to find the right approach for your needs so we can pursue your claim efficiently, effectively, and within your budget. Our goal is to enable you to recover losses, and our decades of experience allow us to understand that a flexible approach to fees and costs is an essential component of your decision to file suit.


Contingent Fee Arrangements

In a contingent fee arrangement, we receive a percentage of the recovery instead of hourly fees. The contingent fee model eliminates the incentive to overbill. There is a saying that defense lawyers get paid per hour and plaintiffs’ lawyers get paid perhaps, and this is exactly the point. Our incentives are directly aligned with yours. If we win for you, we get paid. Otherwise, we don’t. It is a risk/reward system by which we shoulder the fee and cost risk, and if successful, share the reward. We have decades of experience with the contingent fee approach. We work efficiently and effectively to obtain an outstanding result, with skin in the game.

Blended Fee Arrangements

Blended fee arrangements include a fixed or hourly fee at a reduced rate with a limited contingent fee based on the achievement of your desired result. This approach retains the benefit of a contingent approach by aligning our interest with yours, while minimizing the risk to lawyer and client. Your month-to-month cost of pursuing your case is reduced, and, if successful, you retain more of the recovery. We will work with you to create a fee structure which meets your particular needs.

Fixed Fee Arrangements

Fixed fee arrangements provide the benefit of predictability; you know what you will pay. This approach requires careful study by lawyer and client to determine an appropriate fee at the outset of the case. Working with a fixed fee arrangement eliminates surprises and maximizes our incentive to work effectively and efficiently to resolve your case.