Automotive Litigation

Keller Rohrback is renowned for its success in representing consumers in high-stakes, complex litigation involving automotive defects and misrepresentations. Courts regularly appoint our nationally recognized attorneys to plaintiffs’ leadership teams for automotive class actions, including numerous actions consolidated in multidistrict litigation. These cases reflect our firm’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers, their vehicles, and the environment.

Representative Cases & Successes

In re Volkswagen “Clean Diesel” Mktg., Sales Pracs., & Prods. Liab. Litig.,MDL No. 2672 (N.D. Cal.)
Keller Rohrback filed the first multi-Plaintiff complaint against Volkswagen on September 20, 2015, two days after the defeat device scheme came to light. Keller Rohrback represented consumers nationwide who alleged they were damaged by Volkswagen’s fraudulent use of an emissions “defeat device” in over 500,000 vehicles in the United States. Keller Rohrback Managing Partner Lynn Sarko served on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for this national litigation. Lynn Sarko and partner Gretchen Freeman Cappio served on the negotiating team for the $15 billion class action settlement for 2.0-liter vehicles, the largest auto-related consumer class action in U.S history. Keller Rohrback played a similar role in reaching and implementing similar settlements with Volkswagen and Bosch regarding approximately 100,000 3-liter vehicles.

In re Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep EcoDiesel Mktg., Sales Pracs., & Prods. Liab. Litig., MDL No. 2777 (N.D. Cal.)
From the outset, Keller Rohrback played a major role in this multidistrict litigation, representing consumers nationwide who alleged that Fiat Chrysler used an emissions defeat device in over 100,000 Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel trucks and SUVs. Keller Rohrback Managing Partner Lynn Sarko was appointed by the Court to the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee leading this case, and Keller Rohrback attorneys took an active role in discovery and served on the negotiating


 In re Hyundai and Kia Engine Litig. II, No. 18¬02223 (C.D. Cal.)
Gretchen Freeman Cappio was appointed as settlement counsel by the court in consolidated litigation against automakers Hyundai and Kia and their American subsidiaries. The litigation arises out of Hyundai’s and Kia’s failure to disclose or timely remedy several serious design and manufacturing defects that can cause engines to suddenly stall or burst into flames while driving. Judge Stanton granted preliminary approval of the Settlement on February 8, 2023.

Stringer v. Nissan North Am. Inc., No. 21-99 (M.D. Tenn.)
Ryan McDevitt served on the court-appointed Executive Committee that achieved a settlement valued at over $300 million for consumers in litigation concerning defective transmissions in Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, Stringer v. Nissan North Am., Inc., No. 21-99 (M.D. Tenn.)
In re Chevrolet Bolt EV Battery Litig., No. 20¬13256 (E.D. Mich.)
Judge Berg appointed Keller Rohrback Co-Lead Counsel in the consolidated Chevrolet Bolt defective battery litigation. Plaintiffs allege that General Motors failed to disclose dangerous battery defects that led to an increased risk of catastrophic fires and diminished battery function. The litigation is on-going.

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