Antitrust and Trade Regulation

Keller Rohrback’s antitrust and trade regulation practice represents individual and class plaintiffs in state and federal litigation.

Our clients include consumers and businesses who have been harmed by illegal, anticompetitive conduct. By litigating such claims, Keller Rohrback helps achieve the goal of the nation’s antitrust and trade regulation statutes, ensuring that consumers get the benefits of free and fair competition in the marketplace.


Keller Rohrback has substantial expertise in pursuing claims under the Sherman and Clayton Acts for price fixing, customer allocation, market division, exclusive dealing, price discrimination, the tying or bundling of products, misleading and deceptive marketing practices, monopolization and attempted monopolization of markets, and other related practices.

Keller Rohrback has played a prominent role in large price-fixing, price discrimination and monopolization cases litigated across the country.

We currently represent class members in various antitrust cases in industries varying from agricultural products to pharmaceuticals, oil and gas leases, nursing services and dental supplies.

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