Honoring Earth Day

April 22, 2022

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, is an important reminder to support and protect the environment, raise awareness on the climate and ecological crises, and to make a conscious effort to reduce our environmental impact.

Keller Rohrback's environmental litigation team has a long history of successfully representing individuals and class members in a wide range of important environmental litigation. We have represented victims of oil spills, communities exposed to toxic materials, and consumers who have purchased contaminated or defective products that have negatively impacted our planet.
Our success in this area has not only had a positive impact on the safety and well-being of our clients, but on the safety and well-being of the Earth as well.

In honor of Earth Day, we talked with some of our environmental attorneys about what drives them to do this work, and the impact their practice has had on the environment more broadly. 

Lynn Sarko

“As an environmental attorney I’m honored to be able to protect all living things on our planet and help conserve its future. I look forward to more monumental moments like the Exxon Valdez jury verdict- what an amazing moment that I still vividly remember to this day. 

I’m hopeful that the future of environmental law will continue to evolve and move more quickly in the Courts and the law in environmental matters.”

Dan Mensher

“I love being an environmental lawyer. It is a privilege to represent states, cities, and communities that are affected by pollution or are working to protect fish, wildlife, and habitats. Using the law and science, I get to find and craft solutions to protect people, the environment, and help build a sustainable future for everyone.” 

Derek Loeser

“I’m proud to be a member of the Keller Rohrback team working to hold corporations accountable for polluting our air, water, and natural resources. These corporations, which have put profits over people and public heath, have gotten away with it for too long, and left a trail of chemicals and waste behind them. Our team is dedicated to filing lawsuits that force companies to clean up their mess.”

Gretchen Cappio

“Knowing that the environment will be safer for our kids and grandchildren because of our advocacy at Keller Rohrback is incredibly satisfying. Through the efforts of our colleagues and co-counsel, vehicles like VW ‘Clean Diesel’ cars pollute less, oil spills are remediated, and fire risks are reduced. Accountability matters on Earth Day and every day.”

Juli Farris

“The 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill was the inspiration for the first Earth Day and the modern environmental movement. Fifty years later, KR is preparing for trial seeking to hold Plains All American accountable for the second largest oil spill along that same coastline. We are proud to represent fishers and property owners in this litigation.”

Yoona Park

“Being an environmental attorney means being able to use my training to move the dial on issues that directly and tangibly impact the future of my sons and anyone else growing up on this planet. 

My hope for the future of environmental law is that environmental lawyers continue to develop the case law and traditional causes of action to allow corporations to be held accountable for modern and ever-changing products and technologies that harm the natural environment.”

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