Gretchen Freeman Cappio Appointed to Next Gen Advisory Board at Emory University Law School

March 29, 2016

Gretchen Freeman Cappio Appointed to Next Gen Advisory Board at Emory University Law School

We are pleased to announce that Keller Rohrback L.L.P. attorney Gretchen Freeman Cappio has been named to the Next Gen Advisory Board for the Institute for Complex Litigation and Mass Claims at Emory University Law School. The Next Gen Advisory Board was created to promote diversity, innovation and expertise among the future leaders in litigation.

Cappio is joined on this board by members from law firms across the country and in the U.K. Each member of the board has been identified as an upcoming leader in complex litigation.

The Institute for Complex Litigation and Mass Claims provides educational opportunities and research into complex litigation through bar conferences, judicial seminars and academic programs. Through these programs, the Institute hopes not only to train but to foster discussion between attorneys about issues facing the field of complex litigation. One of these opportunities is the Next Gen Conference, which aims to locate future leaders in complex litigation and provide them practical tools and training.

About Gretchen Freeman Cappio

Gretchen Freeman CappioTwenty years ago, Gretchen Freeman Cappio was drawn to study law because she wanted to serve people in need of a strong voice in our nation’s legal system. Today, Gretchen is committed to serving her clients with the integrity and passion that led her to study law in the first place.

In a prominent consumer class action, her work as co-lead counsel against a major national bank which resulted in improved home mortgage modification processes for certain homeowners nationwide. Gretchen is also a litigation leader with respect to privacy issues. She represented plaintiffs in Erickson v. Bartell Drug Co. a class action brought on behalf of employees. Erickson established that an employer violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act when its comprehensive insurance coverage plan singled out women and failed to cover certain prescriptions vital to women’s health care.

Whether representing employees, municipalities, or families facing difficult circumstances, Gretchen fights for justice and has a record of success. Gretchen works tirelessly to level the playing field for her clients, giving them a powerful voice in our legal system. Among Gretchen’s all-time favorite pieces of mail is a photograph of a satisfied client and her son holding a homemade, hand-written sign that simply says “Thank you Mrs. Cappio.”