Joseph Doe Reunites With His Wife and Children

January 19, 2018

Joseph Doe Reunites With His Wife And Three Children



We are proud to announce that after four long years of separation, Joseph Doe reunited with his wife and three sons Thursday, January 18, 2018.

“It was an emotional and hard-fought journey prolonged by President Trump’s malicious Muslim Travel Ban which barred certain refugees and their family members–like Joseph’s wife and children–from entering the United States. Despite undergoing an intense screening process, many Muslim immigrants and refugees have unlawfully been kept apart from their loved ones,” said Alison Gaffney, Keller Rohrback and ACLU-WA cooperating attorney.

Doe is a Plaintiff in a lawsuit that is challenging the Trump Administration's Muslim Travel Ban. It was filed by the ACLU of Washington, working with Keller Rohrback cooperating ACLU attorneys. A federal court in December granted a national injunction against the ban. Doe is a Somali national and a legal permanent resident of the United States.

“We are very excited that Joseph will finally be able to hug his wife, hold his children, and finally be together again as a family. But the fight against the Muslim ban will go on. We will continue to challenge the Trump administration’s efforts to deny the rights of refugee and immigrants to be reunited with their families,” added Tana Lin, Keller Rohrback partner and ACLU-WA cooperating attorney.

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