Keller Rohrback and ACLU-WA Announce Travel Ban Settlement

February 10, 2020

Keller Rohrback and ACLU-WA Announce Travel Ban Settlement

Keller Rohrback is proud to announce the settlement of two lawsuits filed on behalf of refugees who were stymied by Trump’s travel ban. The consolidated suits, filed in cooperation with the ACLU of Washington, challenged the refugee portion of President Trump’s Executive Orders that banned certain populations from entering the United States (also referred to as “Muslim Ban”). This ban prevented immediate family members of refugees (known as “follow-to-join” refugees), along with refugees from eleven countries, from entering the United States.

“When you’re separated from your family, it’s like a piece of you is missing,” said plaintiff Jeffrey Doe, a SeaTac airport worker who has been waiting since to be reunited with his parents and siblings since 2016. Doe’s family members are Somali refugees who have been living in a refugee camp in Kenya for over 25 years. “This settlement gives me hope we will one day be together again,” he continued.

As part of the settlement, the federal government will now prioritize the processing of dozens of refugee cases affecting hundreds of people in the United States and abroad. Read more about the settlement here.