Keller Rohrback’s Lynn Sarko Appointed Co-Lead Counsel in Class Action Against Mylan

April 26, 2017

Keller Rohrback’s Managing Partner Lynn Sarko Appointed Co-Lead Counsel in Class Action Against Mylan


April 25, 2017

Lynn Sarko, lead counsel, co-counsel, steering committee, complex litigation, plaintiffs' counselToday, the Honorable Judge John W. Lungstrum entered an order appointing Keller Rohrback’s managing partner Lynn Sarko—a nationally-recognized leader in complex litigation—as Co-Lead Class Counsel in Serrano et. al. v. Mylan N.V., et al, Case No. 2:16-cv-02711 (D. Kan.), a proposed nation-wide class action alleging that Mylan N.V. and others conspired to artificially and unfairly inflate the price of the widely-used Epipen® auto-injector device. The judge, in his order, noted that Lynn, together with co-lead counsel:

"...are experienced in handling complex litigation, including consumer and antitrust class actions; are knowledgeable in the law; have demonstrated themselves as able and willing to work with diverse interests among plaintiffs as well as with the court and opposing counsel; and they bring the resources necessary to sustain this litigation. They each have been chosen as lead or co-lead class counsel many times by state and federal courts throughout the country." (See Dkt. No. 109)

The full order, which can be read here, also appoints Keller Rohrback partner Gretchen Freeman Cappio to the Executive Committee in this case. “We are extremely pleased with the Judge’s ruling,” Sarko explained, “and are committed to continuing to work on behalf of EpiPen purchasers who paid unfair prices for life-saving medication.”  Their appointments will permit Lynn and Gretchen to coordinate and guide the development all claims, regardless of where they arise, against Mylan to order to ensure a fair and expeditious resolution of this matter. If you think you have paid an unfair price for an Epipen® auto-injector or would like more information about the latest developments in this case, please contact Keller Rohrback at the address below or visit our online Epipen resource center.