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Mass Personal Injury/Tort


• Dangerous Products
• Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices
• Environmental Contamination
• Food Contamination
• Widespread Medical Negligence


Keller Rohrback L.L.P. is experienced in all areas of mass tort cases and represents injured clients nationwide from initial investigation through trial or settlement, and appeals.

Keller Rohrback attorneys have played a significant role in national litigation against pharmaceutical companies.  Keller Rohrback currently serves served on the Science Committee for the Xarelto Litigation as well as the Vioxx Consumer Purchase Claims Subcommittee. The firm has achieved multimillion dollar settlements providing for damages and, in certain cases, medical monitoring, on behalf of individuals who took pharmaceuticals including  fen-phen diet drugs, Vioxx, Xarelto, and Cymbalta.

Keller Rohrback also served as co-lead counsel  representing injured plaintiffs contaminated by food products from Jack-in-the-Box.  Keller Rohrback attorneys have also represented injured plaintiffs against  Odwalla and as victims of mass medical negligence.


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