Intelius, Inc. CPA Violations Class Action

Keithly v. Intelius, Inc
United States District Court for the Western District of Washington
Case No. 09-1485

On October 19, 2009, Keller Rohrback filed a Class Action Complaint for Violations of the Washington Consumer Protection Act and for Declaratory Relief on behalf of Plaintiffs and a proposed class.  The allegations included the violation of the Consumer Protection Act when individuals signed up for services with Intelius, they were unknowingly enrolling in a subscription-based service.  The details of those subscription services were not made known to the individual, however they were billed a significant monthly fee.  The Plaintiffs brought claims against the Defendant based on the practice of collecting monies from consumers through the deceptive practice involving the promotion and delivery of unordered subscriptions in direct violation of the Washington State Consumer Protection Act. Settlements totaling $14.5 million were achieved in this case, and the Claims Administrator completed the distribution of settlement funds to all class members who submitted valid claims in 2014.

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