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Why We’re Investigating the Skyrocketing Cost of Advair


If you are one of nearly 30 million Americans who suffer from COPD, or one of 25 million more who have asthma, you know that medical inhalers are the difference between life and death. And you may be frustrated and angry that the cost of inhalers that you depend on to feel good and enjoy life just keep getting more expensive.

Here at Keller Rohrback, we understand, and we are doing everything we can to collect information and data that will allow us to file a legal case against the companies that are charging patients and customers too much money for the medicines they need.

Here’s what we’ve uncovered so far. Combination inhalers like Advair are already too expensive and out of reach for many Americans. But in other countries, the costs for these medicines are much lower. A recent Huffington Post article shows that the prices for many lifesaving drugs—including Advair—are not even close in price. Americans are shelling out far more than they should be.

Here’s a list from the HuffPost article (we chose the top 10) showing drug price differences between the U.S. and other countries:

20 Drugs That Cost a Lot Less Outside the U.S.


  Drug Name U.S. Price   Price Outside the U.S. % Savings
1 Premarin (0.623mg) $6.72 vs. $.018 – United Kingdom 97% savings
2 Januvia (100 mg) $16.59 vs. $0.81 – Turkey 95% savings
3 Eliquis (5 mg) $8.06 vs. $1.18 – Turkey 95% savings
4 Advair Diskus (3 inhalers) $1,102.62 vs. $78.95 – Turkey 93% savings
5 Janumet (60 mg/1000 mg) $8.54 vs. $0.63 – India 93% savings
6 Flovent HFA (3 inhalers 110 mcg $781.00 vs. $59.80 – UK 92% savings
7 Symbicort Inhaler (1 inhaler, 160 mcg/4.5 mcg) $334.00 vs. $27.09  –  New Zealand 92% savings
8 Vesicare (10 mg) $13.14 vs. $1.12 – Turkey 91% savings
9 Viagra (100mg) $66.50 vs. $6.17 –New Zealand 91% savings
10 Xarelto (20 mg) $16.17 vs. $1.68 – Turkey 90% savings


Any company that prices its drugs so that a trip to France to stock up on life-saving medications is cheaper than filling the same prescription at the local pharmacy is a company that does not care about America’s families.

The players in this game – Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) and drug makers – are making deals with each other to line their own pockets. Hardworking people with chronic health conditions deserve better. Here at Keller Rohrback, we want to hold these companies accountable. But we need your help. Here’s what you can do: contact us.

We are currently investigating the skyrocketing cost of Advair. We need to talk to people who are having trouble paying for Advair. If you or someone you know uses Advair, please call us. Our attorneys on this investigation, Lisa Faye Petak or Gretchen Obrist, would like to learn more about whether you too have been subject to unlawful pricing. Call (800) 776-6044 or email

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